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Product and Services
Through our valuable industry proficiency and consistent hard work, we have derived new and innovative solutions to provide effective resource management solutions and application software to a large array of clientèle all across the Indian subcontinent. Our multifaceted services encompasses the following:

ERP Software - BAIS
ERP Software - BAIS-ERP

We serve our clients with an advanced ERP software called BAIS-ERP (Business Area Integrated Solutions). It is an auto-communicating tool which provides a prompt and accurate information base through integration and synchronization of different business operations of a small and medium manufacturing enterprise. Our software is precisely developed to provide analytical information related to different business processes which can be utilized to rectify errors and improve efficiency. It overrides the manual working system as far as to uncovering the errors prevalent in the business processes are concerned, nullify the errors and improve the operations of an organization.

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The business processes of an organization, that are integrated and synchronized through our technically advanced software modules -

  • Sales and distribution
  • CRM
  • Engineering
  • Planning
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Quality
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Cost Management
  • Taxation
  • HRM
  • Plant maintenance
  • System administration 

Technological Features

Some of the innate technological features of our ERP software include the following:

• Easy interface with PLC or others like (RS 232, USB, IEEE 488.2 )
• User friendly
• Easy and menu operated
• Client server / 3 tier operation
• Capable of data validation and integrity
• Powerful database and complete control
• Stock, production and access control
• Auto communication through e-mail and alerts
• Document browser
• Task manager and organizer
• Auto report generation
• NCR and complaint handling module

Key Points and Transactional Features

• Time saving
• Accurate information flow
• Complete identification and tracking through Lot / batch No.
• Approval at all the locations
• Job work handling module
• Stock reconciliation
• Multi financial year option
• Bank reconciliation


Statistical Process Control / Statistical Quality Control

As the name suggests, under our service of providing Statistical Process Control / Statistical Quality Control solutions to our clients, we assist in providing strategically planned process and quality control service to our clients related to their products and business processes. These processes are widely used in the automobile and electronics industry. The process of statistical controls involve the following:

• X-bar, R, Cp & Cpk Values are calculated for each lot and the same is reflected in the test reports, which are sent to all the customers (depends on requirements)
• Auto generates X-bar Chart for each and every lot
• Lot behaviour of each & every lot is monitored on the Production floor
• For the items where the Cpk values are good the corresponding tolerance limits are also shrunk on the Production floor

The statistical quality control system we provide consist of the following:

• Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

Inspection of characteristics of the incoming raw materials which is rejected or accepted on the parameters of LSL & USL.

• Process Quality Control (PQC)

This system inspects all the characteristics of a production process found out to be in or out of control based on the parameters of LSL & USL.

• Finished Quality Control (FQC)

This system inspects all the characteristics of a finished products which is found out as lot accepted or lot rejected, based on the parameters of LSL & USL.

Advantages of Statistical Process Control

• Increased profitability
• Improved quality
• Improved productivity
• Defect elimination
• Reduced cost of product
• Reduced inventory
• Improved reliability
• Reduced repair work
• Increased yield percentage
• Higher capacity utilization
• Reduced wastage
• Reduced manpower cost

Statistical Process Control / Statistical Quality Control


Test & Measurement Automation System
Test & Measurement Automation System

In an organizational manufacturing & testing structure with a large number of machines and instruments working on all the levels of Production and Engineering management, it is very difficult to develop and keep record of individual product's testing data sheets manually. So we are catering our clients with the service of Test and Measurement Automation System.

Under this service, we offer complete technical support and training to the employees of a business enterprises who are responsible for generation of product's testing data sheets. Doing this task manually involve so many human errors that can sometimes create problems in the efficient working of an organization. So, in order to defeat such manual errors we provide complete technical support and expert advise for automation of testing and Measurement generation system for these business organizations. It assists these enterprises in increasing their efficiency through properly managing their business process of production and engineering management.


Software Applications Development

We at aSoft provide efficient software application development solution for the development of softwares for various process related applications within an organization. We and our team of highly experienced software developers and engineers, see whether there is really a need of a software upgrade or developing a new software for making a business process comfortably operated. If they find an urgent need for a software development or an upgrade in the existing one, we provide our expert assistance in doing so for our clients with pleasure.
Our team of technical experts and software developers provide this service in accordance with the necessities of our clients. We provide and upgrade these softwares for application in testing and measurement processes and also for many testing equipments running in the industries.

Software Applications Development


Radio Frequency Identification Solutions
Radio Frequency Identification Solutions

We provide RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions for aviation, engineering and many other types of industries in India. Many of our clients within India have a strong need of tracking their inventory for keeping a record of their raw material and products that are in transit. Also our clients in the aviation and engineering industry keep a track of the airplanes taking off and landing at the airports and the traffic situation on the flyovers, for maintaining a smooth traffic on the road as well as in air and in result easing their organizational operations.

We provide cost effective and standardized training and softwares related to the tracking equipment used in these fields, to our clients all over the country.


ERP Consultancy & Training

We offer reliable ERP consultancy and training for a vast range of industries in India. In many organizations there is a strong need for implementation of ERP system to enhance organizational efficiency by integrating different business processes of an organization. It also assists in overpowering the operational errors that are being faced by these enterprises in the manual system of resource planning and management.

Our highly qualified engineers and software developers visit a particular organization on their request to analyze the business processes followed by them. They calculate and measure the information closely consult them whether there is really a need of an ERP setup in that organization or not. If there is an urgent requirement of establishing an ERP system in that organization, we provide complete training and technical support to their workforce for its installation. We also provide them with information related to the ERP softwares and handling of the ERP system for efficiently bringing their isolated business functions back into a streamlined business process.

ERP Consultancy & Training


ERP Quality Training
ERP Quality Training

In the present era, proper quality training for effective implementation of ERP is the need of the time. We also specialize in providing ERP Quality Training to our clientèle who are related to the academic field or education industry. We excel in providing high quality and standardized ERP quality training to the professors and research associates from many renowned colleges and institutes across India. We responsibly carry the task of providing ERP training to these scholars and assist them in writing their research papers or thesis on this particular subject and also aid in dissemination of this information to the management students in various colleges.

The training we conduct for them comprise of high quality information on how to employ different ERP techniques for planning and managing the resources and processes of business organizations for their efficient working. The scope of this training not only covers information about working and handling of ERP softwares but also on the their features, processes covered under it and advantages of implementing ERP in an organization.

ERP Software - BAIS Statistical Process Control / Statistical Quality Control Test & Measurement Automation System Software Applications Development

Radio Frequency Identification Solutions ERP Consultancy & Training ERP Quality Training